What Are Some Common Causes of Cylinder Failure?

Depending on your application, there are a variety of causes for hydraulic cylinder failure. Typically, the most common cause of failure is faulty or damaged seals within the cylinder. This can be caused by heavy use over time, or from contaminated hydraulic fluid getting into the cylinder. This contaminated fluid can contain tiny metal particles that eat away at the seals, affecting the hydraulic cylinder’s ability to maintain an internal pressure and efficiency. Damaged seals can also result in a damaged piston, further damaging the cylinder.

Some other causes of hydraulic cylinder failure include cylinder pressure and side loading. Hydraulic cylinders must maintain a certain cylinder pressure to avoid poor performance or cylinder failure. If this internal pressure is not closely monitored, it can result in poor performance from your equipment, or even equipment failure over time.

Side loading is another common cause of hydraulic cylinder failure, and can be easily preventable. When workers are installing your hydraulic cylinder component, sometimes they can be slightly off in their placement of the piston, and create a perpendicular force going against the direction of the cylinder. This can result in the piston rubbing with the sidewall and being damaged significantly over time.

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