Two Types of Telescopic Cylinder: Which do I need?

Engineers in almost all of the world’s industries require hydraulic cylinders capable of providing sufficient force to move huge loads. You can choose from one of several hydraulic power options however, if you need to apply force in a small space, the most satisfactory type is the telescopic cylinder. It offers the capabilities of performing its tasks optimally while being both durable and capable of customization to suit a specific purpose. At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, our engineers and technicians will work with you to ensure you understand your options, including what type of telescopic cylinders will prove to be the most effective and efficient.

Types of Telescopic Cylinders

At Southern Hydraulic Cylinders, we offer two types of telescopic cylinders. These are single – and double-acting. Each design offers specific advantages; both types are suitable for fitting into tight spaces. They both feature a telescopic design consisting of several – at most six, stages, each fitting compactly into the other.

  1. Single-Acting Telescopic Cylinders: This, the most common type of telescopic cylinder, is also the most simplistic in design. The extension of the device is achieved through hydraulic pressure. The extraction occurs through the employment of such external forces as gravity.
  2. Double-Acting Telescopic Cylinders: This double-acting telescopic cylinder operates in a similar fashion. Hydraulic pressure extends it. However, when it comes to retraction, not gravity but hydraulic forces cause it to perform this action. This makes it a more complex design.

Choosing a Telescopic Cylinder

If you want a longer reach but also must place it within a confined space, you should consider a telescopic cylinder. It performs optimally where a rod-cylinder cannot. With the ability to extend further, it is the ideal hydraulic cylinder for such heavy-duty equipment as dump trucks, excavators, and garbage trucks. To talk about this as a solution, call our experienced staff at Southern Hydraulic Cylinder. We can help you discover whether this option can prove to be advantageous for your company and its machinery.