Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

Much of the equipment relied on today uses specialized hydraulic cylinders to perform tasks at peak efficiency. Agricultural equipment, construction equipment, manufacturing equipment and more all rely on these cylinders for daily functionality. Knowing these components will be put to hard-use with minimal down-time means you should select a trusted manufacturer that can produce custom hydraulic cylinders with the necessary levels of quality and longevity. Below are some of the top things to look for in a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.

Reputation for Quality

Look into the business’s reviews on Google, or any other documented customer experiences you find online. Make sure the manufacturer you are choosing is well known for producing a quality product that top contenders in your industry trust. Design, functionality and material choices all lead to a dependable custom hydraulic cylinder—make sure you choose a partner that prioritizes all three.

In-House Capabilities

Supply chain efficiency can be more easily achieved when the entire manufacturing process is done under one roof.  A manufacturing partner with comprehensive in-house capabilities can produce your custom hydraulic cylinder without assistance from other manufacturers, allowing them to achieve greater levels of efficiency, oversight and quality assurance.

Professional Facilities and Team

Take a tour of the facilities. See how your product is going to be made, and the team behind it all. A quality manufacturer will have a crew of trained industry professionals and engineers to execute custom hydraulic cylinder projects with cutting-edge technology, comprehensive design capabilities, and great attention to detail. The longevity of your cylinder depends a lot of the initial manufacturing, so it is vital to choose a partner that has a reputation for quality, in-house capabilities and the team to back it all up.

Southern Hydraulic Cylinder is your top-choice for custom hydraulic cylinders, available in dual acting, telescopic or single acting configurations. Our sizes range from one inch in diameter, all the way to 10 inches, with lengths up to 14 feet. Numerous equipment and machinery applications can benefit from the implementation of our custom hydraulic cylinders. Our cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities and dedication to quality design and materials makes us a top contender for custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturers across the country.  Interested in learning more? Our staff is ready to help any way they can to get you the exact hydraulic cylinder, part or repair service you require. Call Southern Hydraulic Cylinder today at 800-737-8988, or visit our website to request a free quote.