At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, we make top-quality welded hydraulic cylinders, and we can custom manufacture them to your specifications. In fact, we specialize in welded cylinders because they give you some of the most dependable services in the industry. Why choose welded construction over tie rod construction? Let’s look at several good reasons why.

Inside a Typical Cylinder

If you look inside a hydraulic cylinder, you’ll see a piston (with a rod connected) that moves up and down inside a barrel. This is similar to the engine that powers your car. Some cylinders are single acting, and others are double acting, and they all are manufactured with end caps to keep all the parts in place.

With welded hydraulic cylinders, the end caps are permanently welded in place. Some cylinders use threaded bolts which extend from the bottom caps to the top caps, and they are bolted into place.

Why Bolt Cylinders Together?

If you use tie rods to keep the cylinder intact, you can unbolt them and take the cylinder apart. This is helpful when you need to make repairs. However, welded cylinder design doesn’t give you “throw away” cylinders. If they need repair, you can take them apart because they are designed so the rods and seals can be removed without taking off the end caps.

Durability Issues

When you use welded hydraulic cylinders, you don’t have to worry about durability. However, in some cases, high pressure and extended use can cause tie rods to stretch on bolted together cylinders, and this usually results in failure. If your business cannot afford downtime, cylinder failure can cost you more than the price of repairs. Welded cylinders are extremely durable and take up less space than tie rod types.

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