The Many Advantages of a Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

There are different types of hydraulic cylinders, each having their own benefits for particular functions. The advantages which a telescopic hydraulic cylinder has over some of the other types begin with their ability to provide a longer stroke than other less compact designs. They are often used in redesign strategies to improve the overall function of a process operation.

Compact Space Advantages

When operations are confined to smaller spaces and planning calls for compact equipment design, a telescopic hydraulic cylinder can extend a great deal longer than their collapsed length. This is useful when mounting space is limited and a long stroke is required. The use of telescopic cylinders provides the most logical solution in many of these cases.

Specific Angle Requirements

Applications of telescopic hydraulic cylinders are the most practical for use in vehicles which feature a hydraulic powered bed, such as dump trucks or refuse trucks. Specific angles are required in order to gradually release the materials at the needed range, which requires achieving a 60 degree angle to completely empty the contents of the bed. In addition to raising the bed, telescoping cylinders are also effective in their ability to collapse and return the bed to a horizontal position for travel. A hydraulic telescopic cylinder is usually the most practical solution because rod cylinder designs don’t always have the capacity to facilitate such vehicles.

Single Acting vs. Double Acting Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Single acting telescopic cylinders have the capacity for pushing outwards by the use of hydraulic pressure. When it is time to retract the cylinder, additional mechanisms are required to cause the unit to collapse back to its pre-extended state. These are used most commonly in dump trucks because the force of gravity is useful in achieving the retraction of a cylinder. The same rules apply for applications in other circumstances where there is a weight load or other condition where gravity and weight can assist in the compression of the cylinder.

Double acting cylinders use hydraulics to extend and retract the telescopic cylinder for applications where gravity cannot assist in the needed collapse of the cylinder. For example, conditions which require for the vertical pushing of a mechanism, such as a refuse truck that compacts the contents, requires the dual action for extending and retracting of the cylinder.

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are not the ideal choice for all applications and uses, but they do work best under some circumstances. Innovations in telescopic cylinders allow for the engineering of precision cylinders that are designed to perform with the efficiency and durability which is required for specific applications. For more information on hydraulic cylinders, contact us at Southern Hydraulic Cylinders today. We can customize hydraulic cylinders for any application.