The Hydraulic Cylinder: The Popularity of The Single Acting Type

Companies produce a variety of hydraulic cylinders for diverse industrial applications. They are available in different styles, perform specific functions and have prices to attract assorted market demands. At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, we manufacture both customized and standard products. However, rather than produce the two major categories: single and double acting, our focus is on providing our customers with a high-quality single acting hydraulic cylinder.

The Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

A hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator. It executes a force in a single direction by employing a one-way directed stroke. At its most basic, a single acting hydraulic cylinder consists of a piston operating with a rod insider a cylinder to produce the desired motion. While companies offer different methods to produce an effective single acting or telescopic cylinder, we offer welded rod cylinders.

These consist of

  • Cylinder
  • Piston
  • Gland – guides the rod
  • Cylinder Rod
  • Barrel
  • Seals – including a piston seal to retain the fluid in one direction and various gland and rod seals
  • Piston Wear Ring

Such single acting hydraulic cylinders are cost-effective, simple in design and effective in a wide array of applications. They dominate where lifting and pressing devices require such singular actions. As a result, you will find our products employed in a variety of tasks ranging from automotive recovery to road work and even waste removal.

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

If you are looking for a custom hydraulic cylinder for any application, contact our staff. At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, we will work with you and your engineers to find the ideal solution. Whether you need a rod or telescopic hydraulic cylinder, our talented and experienced creative professionals are there to help guide you from start to finish in the process. We believe in quality, cost-effectiveness, and efficient products. Let our staff helps your company discover the best solution – hydraulic cylinders that meet the needs of your applications and exceed your company’s expectations.