The Differences In Hydraulic Cylinders For Sale

Every part and component of a vehicle, in equipment or used in machinery for processing and manufacturing is equally important. These complex systems from a backhoe through to a fully automated production line are only as good as their weakest part.

A Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc., we specialize in hydraulic cylinders for sale. We don’t offer a wide variety of parts, components, and services; rather we choose to focus in on one specific task, the production of the best possible quality hydraulic cylinders.

In-House Design Engineering and Manufacturing

When we first started as a company in 1989, our goal was to become recognized as the industry leader in producing high-quality, durable hydraulic cylinders. Unlike other companies, we don’t subcontract out the work; we do everything in-house.

In addition to designing and manufacturing our own line of hydraulic cylinders for sale, we have also added our in-house wash and paint line. This allows us to not only produce the top performing hydraulic cylinders but to also wash them after full oil tests and inspections and before shipping.

Additionally, we can now prime the cylinder with your choice of options, including our new and very durable polyurethane enamel primer. We can customize the look of our hydraulic cylinders to meet your needs with a professional in-house paint line that provides a highly durable and long-lasting surface.

Production Speed and Quality

We recognize that getting our hydraulic cylinders to our customers as quickly as possible is a priority. Unlike other companies that charge an incredible price for priority, expedited types of services, we focus on getting our regular order for hydraulic cylinders out the door weeks before the competition.

With our in-house service, quality control and value-added processes, you can rely on Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc. for all your hydraulic cylinder needs. To talk about your next order, call us at 877-751-0698.