The Differences Between Standard And Custom Made Cylinders

At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc., we focus on the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the single action custom hydraulic cylinder. We further refine our specialization through manufacturing welded cylinders, which are more streamlined, easier to maintain and offer superior load capacity in a smaller size.

There is always a question about the difference between a custom hydraulic cylinder and a standard, off the shelf type of cylinder. To help explain the differences, knowing the value of choosing a custom-made cylinder can assist you in determining if this is the right choice for your needs.

Built to Your Requirements

When you order a custom hydraulic cylinder from Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc., we design the cylinder to meet the specific needs of the equipment, system, machine or application. This means you do not have to choose a cylinder that simply meets the typical range for load capacity; we can add additional load capacity into the design.

This translates into a cylinder able to meet the high capacity loads you need to lift or push. With those occasionally over-sized loads, the cylinder will never exceed the maximum capacity, meaning a longer life cycle and a dramatically reduced risk of seal or cylinder failure.

Options to Consider

Most of the off the shelf types of cylinders on the market are tie-rod cylinders. They are bulkier, have limitations for installation and tend to require additional servicing and maintenance than our welded custom cylinders.

We can also create telescopic cylinders customized to your requirements. These allow for an additional lift or push capacity, even with larger loads. Our customized designs are simple, efficient and offer you the option to choose the type of return, which is also an essential choice in getting the ideal cylinder for the job.

Let us answer any questions you may have about our custom cylinders. To place an order or to discuss your needs, call us today at 877-751-0698.