Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Applications and Advantages

The Hydraulic telescopic cylinder, often referred to as a multistage cylinder, is a type of linear actuator that has stages or sleeves. A linear actuator is an electric motor operating in a straight-line motion as opposed to the standard circular motion. These cylinders allow you to enhance the productivity — in terms of speed and force — of various types of industrial projects. At Southern Hydraulics, we maintain an extensive selection of telescopic hydraulic cylinders in several various sizes to meet your specific applications.


Whether you select a single acting or double acting cylinder design, you can utilize these devices in various types of equipment, including construction equipment such as roll-off/roll-on trucks, transfer trailers, garbage trucks, and dump trucks. They can also be applied to common machinery and agricultural equipment.

If you need to upgrade your agricultural equipment, often the small-bore design which is best suited for light duty applications can accommodate your requirements. Very often, telescopic cylinders with a small-bore design are not powered by hydraulics, but rather compressed air. If your project involves heavy duty applications, a hydraulic telescopic cylinder is the best choice.


What are the specific advantages of using telescopic cylinders? To provide an answer, it is necessary to define the distinctions between double-acting, single-acting, and single/double acting combination cylinders. The double-acting cylinders retract and extend in both directions. They are quite complex in design but highly efficient for various applications. Single acting cylinders extend in a single direction and then the weight of the load, along with gravity, will collapse the cylinder – they comprise an efficient and simple design. The cylinders enable equipment and machinery, for instance dump trucks, to complete tasks in a seamless manner while easily handling adjustments in overall weight distribution and internal friction.

You can easily select a telescopic cylinder that allows for a single/double acting combination – something that is often needed in drill rig operations. This combination design gives you benefits of a double-acting cylinder with the cost-effectiveness and straightforward operation of a single-acting cylinder.

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