Options To Consider In A Single Acting Cylinder

At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc. one of our manufacturing specialties is single acting cylinder options for all types of applications. This includes small cylinders for machinery, engines and automated systems through to large cylinders for industrial equipment, heavy duty construction vehicles and other types of applications.

There are still many different options in a single acting cylinder in addition to the size. These different factors will impact the suitability of a particular cylinder to a given operation or application. Often, we find that the current cylinder in use may not be the optimal size or option for the job, which is when our engineers can work with you to ensure the correct replacement cylinder is designed and manufactured to meet the specifications of your application.

The Benefits of Single Acting Cylinders

All types of single acting cylinders use one port to push, thrust and provide the force to move the piston in one direction. Returning the piston is completed through the weight on the piston as the hydraulic pressure is reduced.

We produce welded single acting cylinder designs. This means that the cap on the base end of the cylinder is welded to the body while the head (or gland) is threaded in for superior rebuild abilities. This is very different than a tie-rod configuration where four or more rods run up the length of the cylinder and bolt to collars at the caps to hold the hydraulic cylinder together.

The use of the single port and hose configuration and the welded body on the single acting cylinder creates a streamlined, easy to install cylinder that doesn’t compromise on thrust power or operator control over the movement of the cylinder.

With our experience in working across all industries as well as our ability to solve challenges in finding the ideal hydraulic cylinder for new and retrofit types of applications, we can solve problems other cylinder manufacturers simply can’t. To learn more about our cylinders or to place an order, get in touch with our team today at 877-751-0698.