Increasing Your Reach With A Custom Telescopic Cylinder

At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc., we specialize in custom welded hydraulic cylinders. Unlike some companies, we focus exclusively on single acting cylinders, which allows us to offer our customers top quality, fast turnaround times and options to customize all the cylinders we make.

One of our specializations is working with Original Equipment Manufacturers or individuals needing custom or standard types of telescopic cylinder designs. There are several advantages to using these cylinders that are well worth considering when designing equipment or when replacing an existing cylinder reaching the end of its life cycle.

Rod Cylinder and Telescopic Cylinder Differences

Both the standard or rod cylinders and the telescopic cylinders we offer are welded cylinders. This allows for a narrower, more streamlined cylinder that doesn’t have the external tie rods and that can tolerate higher pressures and more demanding work environments.

The big difference between the two is the length of the cylinder required to give the necessary lift. With the standard type of cylinder, the length of the barrel is the maximum stroke length of the cylinder, which limits the amount of lift that can be accomplished.

With the telescopic cylinder, sections of the cylinder nest within each other, allowing the stroke to be substantially longer than the length of the cylinder body. This can be maximized by carefully designing the telescoping segments or sections to bear the necessary weight at an angle, allowing for even more lift.

A good example of this would be the telescopic cylinder seen on a gravel truck or a dump truck. The bed has to be raised to a maximum height to allow the material in the bed to slide down and out. Looking closely at the cylinders will show they are typically mounted on about a 60% angle with the telescopic design to allow the necessary height to the top of the bed while also allowing the weight of the bed to collapse the cylinder after use.

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