Hydraulic cylinders have been a staple piece in equipment design, efficiency and functionality for many years. Examples of industries that rely on this equipment include construction, agriculture and manufacturing—all of them relying a variety of hydraulic cylinders to perform specific functions and tasks at the highest level of quality and efficiency. At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, we specialize in the production of custom hydraulic cylinders, available in single acting, double acting and telescopic configurations. Here are some more in-depth analysis of each type of hydraulic cylinder we offer, and the unique industry advantages each of them offer.

Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Most often used in reciprocating or piston-based engines, single acting hydraulic cylinders are a popular for gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines. These cylinders function with the use of one port, allowing hydraulic fluid to flow in one consistent direction. These cylinders are often also used in mobile construction equipment applications, including excavators and dump trucks.

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Very similar to their single-acting counterpart, double acting hydraulic cylinders are commonly used in many machinery, manufacturing and heavy equipment applications. Having two ports, compared to the one port on single-acting hydraulic cylinders, these cylinders allow the operator to maintain continuously control from both directions, extending and retracting the equipment through mechanical and electronic controls.

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

Telescopic cylinders have the unique advantage of being able to behave as either a single-acting hydraulic cylinder or a double acting hydraulic cylinder, depending on the specific task at hand. Additionally, these cylinders can offer an exceptionally long output travel, with a compact retracted length. These cylinders are popular for use in dump trucks or cranes, since both applications benefit from extra long extensions.

At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, we are proud to offer an array of custom hydraulic cylinders, offered in single-acting, double-acting and telescopic configurations. We can custom design hydraulic cylinders sized between 1-10 inches in diameter, and up to 14 feet in length. Innovative manufacturing techniques, paired with an experienced and knowledgeable staff make our cylinders some of the best on the market. Want to find out more? Call Southern Hydraulic Cylinder today at 800-737-8988, or visit our website to request a free quote.