Custom Welded Hydraulic Cylinders- Service Matters!

At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc., we are a leading manufacturer of standard and custom welded hydraulic cylinders in the United States. While there are other companies out there that do the same things that we do, we have a different approach to working with our customers that sets us apart.

Focus on Quality from the Start

Our team of draftsmen and engineers have extensive experience in working in the design and manufacturing of single and double acting welded hydraulic cylinders. We don’t produce tie rod cylinders, which means we’re specialists in our craft. Our long history in our industry means we’ve designed many different cylinders for many different applications.

We encourage our customers and our team to speak to each other as needed throughout the design and manufacturing process. This ensures you get a cylinder that meets and exceeds your usage requirements and performance expectations.

Speed of Order Turnaround

It can be months from the time you place your order with other hydraulic cylinder manufacturers until your product is shipped and ready for installation on your system or equipment. While the wait may not be a problem if you are ordering a spare cylinder, if equipment, vehicles or systems are down, this is a big concern for our customers.

To address this issue, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and technology that allows us to minimize the turnaround time on custom orders. This can be a significant time-saving factor and may shave up to 10 weeks off the time of some of the more demanding custom cylinders.

Many of our customers at Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc. are companies we have been working with since we started in business in 1989. With our reasonable prices, top quality welded hydraulic cylinders and the long-life cycle, you can expect with each of our products really does make us unique in the market. To learn more, call us today at 877-751-0698.