Basic Facts About the Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, our engineers and technicians work with all our customers to determine what their best options are. Essentially, it may boil down to a choice between two types of cylinders: single or double action hydraulic cylinders. Each offers benefits; however, for many applications, the ideal option is a single acting hydraulic cylinder.

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders convert the hydraulic energy within its fluid into mechanical energy or hydraulic force. This results in a linear (uni-directional) movement. In the case of a single-acting cylinder, the fluid-driven force operates only along one side of the piston. Common in most reciprocating engines, a single acting hydraulic cylinder usually extends through hydraulic pressure but returns through one of two means: gravity or spring. However, you can also purchase a spring-extend version.

A spring is often responsible for returning the top of the cylinder and the piston rod into its original, retracted position. However, gravity can perform the same function. A classic example of this is a vehicular hydraulic jack. Other common applications include material handling, reciprocal engines, pumps and hydraulic rams. You can purchase single acting telescopic cylinders. They are most effective in various heavy-duty construction equipment where space is tight, and it is essential the piston rod return to the same position repeatedly.

Choosing a Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

If you are considering the benefits of installing a hydraulic cylinder, make sure you choose the right type. At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, our professional team of experts is always willing to help you find the best options available. In some case, it might well be a single acting hydraulic cylinder. Whether this or a double action hydraulic cylinder, will prove to be more advantageous, you can always count on all our products offering high-quality workmanship and reliable performance. To find out how we are committed to our trademarks of functionality and durability, contact our excellent customer service online anytime.