Are You Getting A Good Deal On Hydraulic Cylinders For Sale?

At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc., we strive to provide the best quality hydraulic cylinders at a very competitive price. We realize that our customers are looking for hydraulic cylinders for sale that are rugged, durable and fully tested when they arrive. We also know that we aren’t the only cylinder company out there, but we offer some value-added considerations that are essential when comparing prices and options.

Company Reputation
One of the most important considerations when comparing any hydraulic cylinders for sale is the reputation of the company. Unfortunately, too many people don’t take this into consideration and buy not only a low-cost cylinder but a cheaply made component.

These cylinders end up costing a lot more in the long run. A cylinder that fails when in operation can result in the loss of a load, property damage, injuries or even tragedies if the load falls because of a cylinder failure. At the very least, the cost of loss of production and downtime can quickly eat into any savings that may have been the initial reason to choose one hydraulic cylinder over another.

Turnaround Time
A low cost for hydraulic cylinders for sale can also be offset if it is going to take the company months to manufacture the cylinder to the specifications required. It is not uncommon for other companies to have a six to a sixteen-week gap between the order and the ability to ship a custom hydraulic cylinder.

At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc. we don’t expect you to wait that long and understand that time waiting for parts is costing you money. We are typically able to complete our full manufacturing process from design through to testing and shipping about two to ten weeks faster than other companies, which is beneficial to any company waiting for parts.