Advantages of Hydraulic Cylinders

A hydraulic cylinder is an actuation device that uses pressurized hydraulic fluid, which is incompressible, to produce linear force and motion. These types of cylinders are useful for a wide range of power-transfer applications, where the force that is applied at a particular point is then transferred to a different point. Custom hydraulic cylinders can be used for applications such as road-working, material handling, and automotive recovery. At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc. we manufacture these high-quality cylinders, maximizing their wide array of benefits.

Benefits of Hydraulic Cylinders
One incredible benefit of hydraulic cylinders is that they can provide a lot of power to machines in even the furthest locations away from the power generation source. Generally, power sources can be turbines, diesel engines and electric motors, for example. The power-to-weight and power-to-size ratios of these cylinders are very efficient as well. They also have variable speed control, automatic overload protection and positioning benefits. Hydraulic cylinders are especially valuable when you need to use a cylinder in extreme environments.

Welded Cylinders
One type of hydraulic cylinder we offer at Southern Hydraulic Cylinder is the welded cylinder. It is a smooth cylinder that uses heavy-duty housing, which provides stability. This type of cylinder must have a barrel that is durable enough to withstand mechanical forces and features enough of the rigidity needed to support the actuator body loads.

Welded cylinders are different from tie-rod cylinders, which are less complex and are essentially off-the-shelf products. The disadvantage of tie-rod cylinders is that they can reduce your design options and also have less durability than welded cylinders do.

Welded Cylinder Advantages
Welded cylinders are a top choice because they are shorter and narrower than tie-rod cylinders, which means they fit better in most types of machinery. They are also known for having superior seal packages. This increases their life expectancy and makes them a wise option if your application involves weathering and contaminants. At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, your reputable provider of hydraulic cylinders, we can custom-make cylinders that will fit your unique requirements and do so in a timely fashion. Get in touch with one of our experts for more information.