A High-Quality Telescoping Hydraulic Cylinder for Sale

At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, we are committed to designing and manufacturing only the highest quality products. What sets us apart from other manufacturers is our passion and thirst for innovation. We are willing to customize our hydraulic cylinders, allowing for a great deal of flexibility and uniqueness in both design and function.

Telescopic Cylinders

For over 25 years, we have been engineering and manufacturing a variety of custom-designed telescopic cylinders. Our years of experience have helped us obtain a wealth of expertise. Serving clients nationwide, each telescoping hydraulic cylinder for sale is manufactured in our home base of Athens, TN, customized specifically for each client’s particular needs.

We create two separate mounting styles, and our products are available in a multitude of bore sizes and strokes. Each cylinder has key features, including adjustable vee packings, hard chrome plated stages, re-buildable construction, and your choice of mounting style. Many of these styles and sizes are available for fast delivery, should you need our products to be shipped overnight.

Personalized and Customized

One of the unique benefits of our company is our capability to customize and personalize our products. If you request a quote from us, we can provide a highly personalized report based on your exact requirements. No two customers are alike, so we seek to listen to your needs and provide you with exactly what you have requested. We also strive to go above and beyond to make our clients’ lives easier, providing very fast, up-to-the-minute shipping for rush orders.

No matter whether you choose a cross tube mount or a trunnion mount, each telescoping hydraulic cylinder for sale is manufactured specifically with high operating pressures in mind. All of our telescoping hydraulic cylinders for sale can withstand up to 2500 psi operating pressures.

We seek to provide unique and customized telescoping hydraulic cylinders to clients across the United States. Give our office in Athens, TN a call to request a personalized quote today.